40 Years of Sports in a House’s Basement

RENO,NEV- Sports collector shares his passion for sports through memorabilia containing more than 250 items acquired over 30 years.

Rick Reviglio on the left, holding Joe DiMaggio's 1951 all star baseball bat.
Rick Reviglio on the left, holding Joe DiMaggio’s 1951 all star baseball bat.

The 47-year-old president of Western Nevada Supply, Rick Reviglio, tells us the story of his collection that ranges from small autographs written on pieces of paper, to Olympic pieces and hall of fame football players’ helmets.

The collection located in the basement of his house is a combination of items that he has been acquiring over many years as well as memorabilia bought. According to Reviglio, every piece is significant but some have a special place in his heart and memories.

“A piece that I love in my collection is my dad’s 1950’s baseball glove.That just brings back memory of me playing catch with my dad in the backyard and at the park.” said Reviglio. “Some of the pieces that I really love would be a baseball signed by Pope Benedict because of my catholic heritage and it is such a unique piece.”

Hear the story bellow:

In order to purchase some of the items, Reviglio literally had to jump through some hoops. That is what happened when he dragged a person down about 10 steps from his seat to catch his first foul ball at a Major League baseball game.

“I got both hands on it. Well the guy behind me jumps on it and he got his hands around my hands and he won’t let go. He would not let go.” said Reviglio. “Normally you just let it go and you say have your ball but I wasn’t letting go of that ball.”

Despite all the great pieces such as Michael Jordan’s jerseys, Muhammad Ali’s gloves, and Joe Montana’s helmet, the collection also has items from athletes and events that are significant to Reno’s history. The items include the fight of 1910, Julia’s Mancuso ski suit from when she won the Olympic gold medal, and several pieces from the Nevada Athletic’s history.

The former basketball coach at University of Nevada, Reno, and close friend Mark Fox, says why Reviglio’s collection is very unique:

“Most people don’t have sports collection. They are at museums or halls of fame; no one has a collection at home.” said Fox. “I can only dream to be in that.”

Watch a tour through Reviglio’s collection here:

It has been eight years since Reviglio acquired any memorabilia but he already saved a spot for the new items that are to come.


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