Early Voting Stats Increase in Reno

The opportunity of early voting increased the number of votes in Washoe County by 10,000 more compared with the last election according to the website of Nevada Secretary State.

As one of the swing states, Nevada always has big expectations when it comes to contribute to winning the election and this year wasn’t any different. With free giveaways, food and signs spread out through UNR’s campus and close places, Democratic and Republican Party’s did their best in order to gather voters.

Early voting in Washoe County has 10,000 more voters compared with the last election in 2008. Polling located on UNR campus makes voting easier and more convenient for young adults and local community. Photo taken by Juliana Bledsoe/Nevada Sagebrush

“The presidential election is very close this year and for this reason we are doing our best to get as many people as we can,” said a volunteer worker of Students for Obama, Aaron Brandt. “We can give people information about their polling place, how to get there and we are also giving people a ride in case they don’t have a way to go”.

The importance of winning Nevada for presidential elections is so crucial that people from neighboring states come to the Nevada to encourage people to vote. A 32-year-old woman from Stockton, CA, came all the way to Reno to encourage people to vote for the Obama one doorstep at a time.

“I’m staying in a hotel for three days and I’m going door to door to encourage people to do their jobs as citizens and go vote” said Annie Charlton. “By doing it, I found six people that weren’t even registered to vote because they were handicapped and had no one way of leaving their home.”

Two friends, from California also came to town to get votes.

“Our state [California] is Democrat so we don’t need to tell people to vote” said Michael Zucker “Nevada is one of the key states that can decide the election. That is why we came here, to encourage people to vote for Obama”

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Early Voting started on Oct. 20th and ended on Nov. 2nd . Polling places were located in several different areas of Reno, one of them was at the JOE Crowley Student Union building on the UNR Campus. The polling location on Campus makes voting easier and more accessible for many young adults.

“If I had time to go to the Joe and eat, I had time to go vote,” said UNR student Rena Rue-Brewster “Besides the small location, I thought the place was very convenient and secure. It made voting easier for me”

Listen to an interview with the UNR student Misha Fotoohi

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According to the Nevada Secretary of State website, early voting brought 10,000 more voters to the polls than in 2008. That election had about 101,400 early voters and this year, 111,090 people already voted, representing 54 percent of the registered voters.

“Everything is so close [presidential election] that people want to get out and vote,” said the administrator of the polling place at May Museum San Rafael Rancho Karen Manager “Fifty four percent of the registered voters already voted. We now hope that the other 46 percent will show up to vote today”


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